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Launching My Website and Blog!

It's finally here! 2 years since taking my website down for maintenance and I finally had the time to finish it; And this time it's a fully functioning, flawless (I hope) website with a blog area where I'll be writing updates, tips & tricks and interesting stories from past shoots.

I'll try to keep this blog area active to give visitors an insight on what's been going on in my career and a sneak peek into what I'll be working on in the future! I'm so excited to be doing this after many requests to hurry up the re-design and re-launch of this website. I'll also have blog posts featuring other artists whose work I admire and get inspired by, as well as putting out blog posts written by other artists who are in the same creative industry as myself.

For now I've introduced a 'Featured Photo of the Month' on the landing (home) page, with details on what the photo is, when it was shot, what equipment I used and any further comments about the particular photo. I'll also be updating my four categorized photo galleries each quarter with only my best work.

I believe in things being perfectly imperfect which is why I'm doing my website myself instead of handing it over to someone who knows what they're doing because I'd like to take all professionalism and throw it out the window so that my website has some slight character to it in terms of me giving my raw input on how I should run this website. I've done every single part of the website myself with only minor advice given by actual web developers.

Feel free to give me some feedback on what you think about the website!

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Feb 16, 2020

Cool website +1

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